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Marine Detailing is what keeps your pride and joy in water commendable condition and protects its resale value then correct maintenance and repairs are required and can sometimes be overlooked by boat owners. When performed correctly, marine detailing is the correct maintenance and investment boat owners need to make to ensure longevity of their boat and its outer layer. West Coast Boat Works Peth have dedicated and experienced marine detailers who use the latest in technology equipment to perform a variety of marine detailing services. Over time its cost effective to maintain the current paint job then to do a complete repaint of you boat.


West Coast Boat Works Perth offer competitive and professional boat detailing services for boats of all sizes. As a qualified shipwright, our team is fully qualified and experienced in conducting regular maintenance from boat detailing to boat cleaning, we clean your boat from top to toe and can provide quick washes on regular visits for those who are time poor. Our team of fully qualified marine polishers can conduct a variety of tasks including:


  • General Detailing and Polishing;

  • Pre-Sale Detailing;

  • Ongoing Light and Heavy Washes;

  • Leather Conditioning and Cleaning;

  • Buffing;

  • Gel Coating and Fibreglass;

  • Stainless Steel Polishing;

  • Stain Removal & High Pressure Cleaning;

  • UV Treatments.


Boats are exposed to a variety of conditions that can damage and be detrimental to the paintwork. The Australian sun and UV rays coupled with the constant exposure to water can fade the fibreglass and significantly reduce the shine of metals and paintwork. Ignoring the early stages of boat wear and tear can lead to major issues such as rust, rotting, osmosis and corrosion. Our team only use the best in boat cleaning products to protect the coatings of your boat.


West Coast Boat Works is a proud family run business that thrives on great relationships with our customers which in turn ensures we provide the best result possible result to our customers. Our team are boat polishing and detailing professionals that provide superior repairs with specialized tools setting us apart from our competitors. Contact the team today for a free no obligation quote on 0439 969 459 or there’s nothing we won’t do!


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