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Small Boatcatch

small boatcatch.png

These couplings may be fitted to vessels ranging from the smallest of boats up to 5.9m (19ft)

Large Boatcatch

large boatcatch.png

This larger coupling is best used on boats with an on water weight up to an 8 tonne maximum and suit vessels ranging 6-10m in length. 

Boatcatch is a patented boat trailer accessory which makes launching and retrieving your boat on the boat ramp quick and easy. After it’s installed, you won’t have to even stand on a ramp ever again. No wet feet and no slipping on muddy, slippery ramps. Best of all, you will also save time and prevent arguments.

Once installed, Boatcatch allows you to launch and retrieve your boat in as little as 20 seconds with just 2 people. Spend less time on the boat ramp and more time enjoying your boating.

If you want to get technical, Boatcatch is a coupling system which helps form a quick release connection between your boat trailer the bow of the boat.

There are two sizes and Boatcatch is supplied as a kit complete with a universal mounting bracket and all components you will need for your boat-trailer arrangement. 

For more information on BOATCATCH please call us on 0439 969 459 or fill out our Contact Form.

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