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West Coast Boat Works provide a variety of marine repairs, upgrades, fitouts and conversions. Our team of professional commercial repairer’s tailor services to particular customer needs from commercial vessel maintenance and upgrades, to a complete conversion or an emergency repair, you can be assured your boat is in the hands of the professionals.


West Coast Boat Works Peth have dedicated and experienced boat repairers who use the latest in technology equipment to perform a variety of commercial boating repairs at an affordable price. Our dedication and high quality work is evident in every job we complete and we never whilst never compromising on quality whilst still meeting timely deadlines. We will work to make it happen to ensure your commercial vessel is water ready in no time!  


Our team of commercial boat repairers Perth ensure to provide all our customers with the best service when it comes to all boat repairs and have wide set skills and knowledge to perform servicing, replacements and overall commercial repair works to your pride and joy. We respond fast to any commercial vessel that has a problem, working all hours to ensure the work is completed. We are available 24/7 365 days a year and wont stop until the job is done, which gives us our competitive edge and stands us out from the rest!


West Coast Boat Works is a proud family run business that thrives on great relationships with our customers which in turn ensures we provide the best result possible result to our customers. Our team are boat repair professionals that provide superior repairs with specialized tools setting us apart from our competitors. For all commercial boat repairs and servicing, contact the team today on 0439 969 459 or there’s nothing we won’t do!


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