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The team at West Coast Boat Works have worked with a range of marine insurance companies and is a recognised marine repairer in Perth, Western Australia. As a trusted and proven repairer, we can help you with your claim and complete the repair job for you. Knowing your boat is in the hands of a professional, will put your mind at ease!


Our team of experienced and qualified marine repairs are experienced in restoring boats back to their pre-loved state.  We understand and regularly perform repairs to vessels of vast sizes from jet ski repairs through to major refits and restorations, we can do it all! If you need the job done efficiently and to the highest of standards, you have come to the right place. We handle the job from the beginning all the way through to the end result which saves you time and peace of mind that your pride and joy is being looked after. Our team only use the highest of quality in materials for all boat repairs and save you the headache and frustration it can take to get your boat back in the water.


Throughout the years, West Coast Boat Works have repaired boats that have sunk to replacing rotten flooring and timber work, to structural and cosmetic damage, removed osmosis and minor docking damage to just name a few. As a family run business that thrives on great relationships with our customers you can be rest assured that your dealing with a boat shipwright who knows boats and will ensure your pride and joy is as good as new as soon as possible. Our team are boat repair professionals that provide superior repairs with specialized tools setting us apart from our competitors. With extensive experience on a variety of boat works, our attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on coupled with high quality workmanship and compassion for a perfect end result. For all your insurance enquiries, contact the team today for a free on 0439 969 459 or there’s nothing we won’t do!


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