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Pot Hauler Perth

Our pot hauler is designed to lift crayfish, rock lobster, crab pots and drop lines with minimal effort.  Rest your back and let the hauler do the hard work.  We live by "stress less, catch more!!"

RL Welding's cray fish pot hauler has been developed over many years and many cray seasons.
As recreational fisherman ourselves, we know what is needed on your boat to make the task of pulling cray pots up from the depths all too easy.  RL Welding developed the hauler to be both stylish and perform the task required.  Why not add a piece of usable bling to your boat!

Our pot hauler is essential for targeting those crayfish laden deeper reefs.  So you can fish where many can't - providing extra opportunities.  Our customers love our pot hauler and we know you will too.

Our pot hauler is built to the highest quality standards using marine grade stainless steel and is manufactured entirely in Australia by highly-skilled tradesmen.  It is simple to use – just throw the rope over the bull horn, wrap the rope around the capstan head a couple of times and engage the motor. RL Welding’s pot haulers are fitted with either a Muir or Maxwell capstan. The hauler arm is made from heavy walled stainless steel pipe and then polished up to a mirror finish. The haulers mounts in the gunwale of your boat through a stainless steel plate and nylon bush. A second plate with another nylon bush is mounted on the floor or into a rod pocket. A foot switch and circuit breaker are supplied with each unit so it can be wired to suit your boat.


The hauler can be rotated and locked in position while transporting.  Weighing only 11kg the hauler can easily be removed during the off season. RL Welding’s haulers are manufactured on site in Tasmania by an experienced team using quality marine grade components.  

For more information on RL Welding’s pot and line hauler please call us on 0439 969 459 or fill out our Contact Form.

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